R. E. Sulser

R.E.Sulser’s favorite word is pyroclastic. He loves exotic foods he cannot pronounce, the smell of gardenias, the flash of distant lightning, the taste of cilantro, page-turners, his daughters, science, and contemplating the whole darn thing. He hates baby powder, the smell of lavender, unrequited love,traffic, hot sand, inefficiency, and unsolvable problems. Check out his books on the Amazon Kindle store and join his mailing list!



A mysterious ring holds the key to the greatest treasure of antiquity.

For fifteen-year-old Minerva Brown, it’s another miserable, sweltering summer in Rome, the eternal city, a place that in her mind is only eternally boring. Abandoned for a week while her archeologist parents excavate in the Italian countryside, she discovers a peculiar signet ring forgotten among her parents’ artifact crates. When shadowy figures ransack the apartment in search of the ring, she must unravel a maze of baffling clues in a race through Rome to discover an ancient horde of treasure, all before it falls into sinister hands.

A parallel story set two thousand years before follows Gaius Pomponius Strabo, a Roman teen who inherits the signet ring from his dying grandfather during the cataclysmic eruption of Vesuvius. Rescued by a barbarian captain, Gaius becomes an unwitting ally in a journey across the Mediterranean in search of the Isle of Blood, the mythical home of the lost treasure of Pompey the Great. In his adventures to the far reaches of the Roman Empire, Gaius unravels the mysteries of the signet ring and finds himself face-to-face with a family secret hidden for generations, one that could shake the foundations of the empire.



Nicholas Copernicus Dent is having a rotten week. In a cookie-cutter town where nothing out of the ordinary happens, he’s struggled his entire life to fit in. It’s not easy with a quirky, biologist mom who looks like she’s peered in a few too many microscopes. Add to that an obnoxious, brainiac sister whose idea of fun is camping out at the town library. Oh, and he’s the only kid in class with a dead father. The last thing Nick wants is for people to think he’s a freak. Too bad he’s the weirdest kid on the planet.

He’s about to find out his body is full of billions of microscopic nanomachines, put there when he was born by his long-dead scientist father. Problem is, without the machines, Nick dies. Now, he must deal with foes desperate to seize his machines and use them in diabolical ways. With the help of newfound friends, Nick battles lethal robots, fends off an evil scientist who wants to turn him into a human lab rat, and searches for a mysterious device that is the key to his very survival – all before being exposed as the freakiest kid in town.

Nicholas Dent and the Mysterious Machines is the first book in a series about a boy who wants more than anything to be normal, but in the end, realizes that being special isn’t so bad after all.